Covid Officers

Lead Covid Officer - Chris Richardson (Twizzle)

Covid Officers - Trevor Ancell (Little Shit), Sarah Innes (Pink Panther), Willie Dunbar (Wee Willie), Mark Swift (Ballerina), Dave Hartley (Bin Liner)

Pre-Run Preparation

  • The Lead Covid Officer will approve the Hare Risk Assessment at least one week before the date of the run.

  • Before each run an email will be sent to all potential participants inviting them to register for the next run. The email will links to the AH3 Covid Risk Assessment and advise of any further risks associated with the Hare Risk Assessment.

  • The Lead Covid Officer will co-ordinate Covid Officers for future runs.

  • The incumbent Covid Officer is required to register Online.

Before the run

  • A Covid Officer is to attend each run and monitor the numbers of hashers turning up, ensuring that only those who have pre-registered for the run are in attendance.

  • The Covid Officer will check the appropriate name of each hasher.

During and Post the run

  • The Allocated Covid Officer will Coordinate/liaise with the hare during the run via mobile phone, where possible.