Covid Update

Guidance for Hares, Participants & Covid Officers

The Aberdeen Hash House Harriers committee believe the only way to keep hashing and stay fit and healthy is to maximise our enjoyment of the countryside; is by making significant changes to how we behave pre/during & post the hash in line with:-

The current Scottish Government Guidance 8th May 2021 refers to Sport Scotland Guidance on outside non-contact organised sport. Refer to Table A in the document

See also Aberdeen Hash House Harriers Covid 19 Risk Register

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers has 6 trained Covid Officers, who will support the Hares and participants during the runs.

In order to achieve this, we need to give guidance to the Hares and also to those participating, on how we minimise contact with each other and other members of the public (social distancing) in line with the current Scottish Government Guidelines.

Hares, Participants & Covid Officers

Overview of Guidance

We expect all Hashers to respect all others, especially the general public, that they come into contact with, pre and during the run:

  • Sign in at the start of the trail with Hash Cash.

  • Abide, at all times, to the social distancing guidelines of ONE metre distancing, unless within own household group.

  • Where ONE metre distancing cannot be achieved outside own household a face covering is expected to be worn.

  • Dogs must be kept under control at all times. See Scots Gov Publication.