Scribes 2001

997 - Sun 23 Dec 2001 - Hazlehead - Hares: Olymprick & Haggissimo - Scribe: Mad Cyclist's dog

Run: #997


Hares: Olympric & Haggisimo

On-On: Maze Car Park, Hazlehead

Scribe: Tim Ok, ok, ok, I'm sorry I missed the deadline for the hash sheet. Look have you ever seen a grown dog beg? Anyway it's not entirely my fault. A certain lady of the house who shall remain nameless decided the January sales were a far more tempting proposition than scribing for me. Priorities all wrong if you ask me! So on on and here we go........

I was really looking forwards to this week’s run especially as a certain master who shall remain nameless stuck me in the car last week took me all the way to Stonehaven (almost) and boy was I excited anticipating all those trees, that fine country aroma (a little s.h.i.t. never body no offence meant Little S.h.i.t.), moving swiftly on and on and on. Feeling sorry for myself again as we never did reach those trees or that s.h.i.t. He who shall remain nameless got the b.l.o.o.d.y. map reference wrong didn't he. By the way you may notice all the sweary word are spelled out that's because she' doesn't swear ok. Now where was I. oh yes trees, s.h.i.t...... sorry back in a minute.

Before the good bit that I like, we went through the ritual of finding a sad person to pick on this time being Penguin who stood out from the crowd as looking slightly under the weather so to make him feel better they made him drink some liquid which I don't think any of them like much as they keep throwing it over their shoulders. Anyway I joined in the customary song and as is the custom was told to shut up. Then it was on on and as there was snow on the ground the flour was coloured, it looked a bit like dog pee really, I could easily have set the run you know if you'd only asked.

Unfortunately my doggy tale takes another path to the exciting one of the heroic hasher as I had to remain with the walkie-talkies. I can only imagine what you encountered on your run probably trees, s.h.i.t..........sorry back in a minute......... I'm sorry to say I kind of disgraced myself on our genteel walk in the park. “She' had only brought one poo bag and I pooed rather a lot (ok four times). Never mind her companion came to the rescue with her supply of pancakes which of course she'd placed in plastic bags, they're a resilient lot these walkie talkies and no they didn't let me eat the pancakes, I think for some reason I was in the doghouse

After the kids had thrown snowballs, got wet bums off the swings and generally mucked about enough that her and her companion were in the early stages of hypothermia we headed back from whence we came and hark heard the pleasant banter of the hashers as they congregated in the car park. My Christmas came early because guess what arrived no not Santa although yes there was some resemblance, no better than Santa ....... a van load of pies!!!!!!!! I put on my best puppy dog eyes and yes even those rugged, heroic, raucous types threw me a bit of pastry. I even managed to snaffle a bit pancake. I think being around you hashers is beginning to rub off on me. It's alright it's only if I begin to rub off on you that you should worry.

This was one happy puppy as the circle was formed for the post run down downs.

The liquid was given to Tonguey and Thrupennybits for items they had laid sorry mislaid at the Christmas do.

Cannae Be Aersed. for being a tosser no sorry for not tossing well,

Dave Innes who was dressed like Santa but had no pies and had in fact left a bag under the pie van before it moved off only to return and find himself Bagless.

You homosapiens are so clever although you wouldn't catch me picking your poo up in a bag.

And finally the hash shit went to Willie Wotsoff for failing to call despite being the leader of the pack. Being of wolf origin I know how vital it is to keep in touch with ones pack you know. That's it, a very late entry for the hash sheet but never let it be said that this dog can't run with the big boys, well ok so I can't run but who says the boys are big anyway?

Yours, Timothy “Yip Yip Yip” Ponsonby.