Scribes 1993

569 - Sun 05 Dec 1993 - Hazelhead - Hares: Olymprick & Royal Flush - Scribe: Sonic

Run 569

"Crem de la Crem"


Sunday 5th December 1993

Hares: Olymprick, Maggie and the boys (x2)

There I was siehed syeed thinking about walking round the run with Ben and Katie, as it was "her" turn to run, when blow me (as I often say !!) she magnanimously offered to let me run. Obviously this mental aberration was nothing at all to do with the state she was in after attending the Hash "Mystery Meal" the night before.

We arrived at the On-On (me having tried to find streets paved with cobbles en-route: great for someone elses hangover) on the morning to find a good tum out of Hashers in mourning (?). Or, in the case of Ronnie "The Wild Local" Robb: in moaning. Having gone through the mass of announcements: Xmas Party, Netbybridge (see attached), monthly meals, West Coast weekend, the RA for the Day "Aids" awarded the pre-run Down-Down to:

· Myself (Sonic for 200 runs, and it feels just like yesterday since I started thanks to Anne!) and "

· Fi-Fi" and "Hot n' Delicious" (both for 100 runs).

"Olymprick" described the basics of the run - loads of shiggy and A-B-C checks: Atholl Brose, Beer and Christmas cakes respectively, then it was On-On.

On up into the woods on the edge of the golf courses with the hash suffering from blurred vision - it was the use of both white and yellow flour that introduced a bit of myopia. The trail was duly followed around the golf course, Martin "Easy Life" Eldon's son Henry increasing his handicap by falling off the 18th tee, and the "Wild Local" uttering the prophetic words "I'm not going to make it". Through the caravan site across the half-submerged rugby pitch, into which puddle/lake Adam and Buddy take header

At this point "Hippo" and I skirted the park area and picked up the trail weaving about the playing fields. We found out later that we, and a good section of the Hash, had missed the Atholl Brose check at the North Sea memorial garden. On-On back into the woods and at last - shiggy, good stuff. wet, muddy and mixed in with horse shit. "Hippo" and I exchanged salvo's before reaching the road and another check at which point I stopped for a piss.

Adam (who I suspect of having sideways walking tendencies) made a tactical and rudimentary error in trying to throw shiggy at the GM whilst in the process of taking his piss. He learned the error of his ways as I hit him with a wad of shiggy (whilst he was moving I might add) later on in the run - there's nothing like the sound of a lump of shiggy hitting a bin liner clad hasher!!. Around the woods up the side of the golf course (this was a clockwise circuit), "Tony "Farmer" Giles made the mistake of running alongside "Hippo" close to some shiggy - it wasn't a pretty sight. back into the woods, through sone incredible shiggy (must have been waist deep on Olymprick when he set it) to the "B" beer check.

"Hippo" was hiding in the steel box consuming a can until "Farmer" lobbed a boulder onto the top - seemed like revenge to me, it took "Hippo" a while to stop reverberating

Out from the beer check through more of the woods and quickly arriving at the "C" Christmas cakes check. First time on the run I saw Harley, who had been delegated as "Checking Chicken", there he was ahead of the FRB’s!! Leaving the "C" check it was a lope down the crematorium road back to the cars and Aids awarding the Down Downs, to:

"Hippo" For complaining that as he normally acts as RA he never gets a Down-Down.

"Easy Life" and Henry - For Henry's persistence in calling after Daaaaad.

"Wild Local" - Water down-down to assist the recuperative process.

"Hashtray" - For embarrassing the RA by leading him up the road into the woods whilst smoking a ciggy, performing a manicure and drying her hair, (is Aids unfit or what!).

"Olymprick" - For letting his car keys get locked inside the car.

"Olymprick", Maggie etc. As Hares (good run).

"Little Shit" = Hashshit for trying to snitch on Julie as she got him mixed up with "Olymprick" in last weeks write-up (easily done!!).

All done it was On-Inn to the Northern Lights for Stovies and Christmas games. If you want to find out about the games - ask someone who was there, I wasn't.


Martin (GM)

Those who ran:

Trevor ANCELL Little Shit

Adrian ATKINSON Aids

Ronny BANBURY Bammy

Fiona BICK Fifi

Bev BROWN Brown Owl

Phil CARPENTER Thermos


Steve CUDDY Hill-Ary

Karen SMITH Glasgow

Willie DUNBAR Wee Willie


Martin ELDON Easylife

Maggie ELDON Royal Flush

Sharon GASCOIGNE Sharnie


Tony GILES Farmer


Sarah INNES Pink Panther

Andy JORDAN S.F.B. (Shit f' Brains)

Ruth LEITH Struth

Catrina MANDIC Twin Peaks

John McINNES Michelin Man

Andrew MOWAT Fallguy

Anne MURRAY Southern Comfort

Glenn NEWLANDS Drillbit

Alan RAMSDALE Sheep's Arse

Julie RATCLIFFE Dynamite Twin

Martin RICHMOND Sonic

Grahame RIPLEY

Ronnie ROBB Wild Local

Howard ROPER Hippo

Theresa ROPER Mrs T


Becky STEVENS Hot n Delicious

Nicky STOKES Hashtray

Ron STRACHAN The Penguin

Chris TAYLOR Crusty Loafer

Neil TAYLOR Flying Boats

Greame THAIN Olymprick

Hank WILLEMSE Harley

David WILSON Rock-it

Derek WOOD Capt Bligh

Brian YEATS Tiger Feet

555 - Sat 28 Aug 1993 - Rendcolm College, Nash Hash 93 - Hares: little Shit & Drillbit - Scribe: Hot 'n' Delicious

SCRIBE: Hot 'n' Delicious


For most of AH3 travellers, Nash Hash began on Friday night (except for Wee Willie who stayed in with great aunt Flo). Little Shit, Olymprick and Drill Bit were amongst the early party goers who managed to drink the local pub dry on the Friday night. The three then decided that the 300 metre dash back to their tents was too far, and despite there being no alcohol left in the pub, to stay over. After squabbling over who should share the double bed, the three settled down to a night of fun and games? But who willingly sleeps within a mile of a snoring Olymprick? Even a flying trainer doesn't shut him up but instead provides the perfect bed mate (in his dreams) as he lovingly hugs Little Shit's smelly shoe. Meanwhile, Drill Bit decides to sleep walk to the blond-down-the-hall's room, but misses and ends up in a pile at the bottom of the stairs. Problem: he has no clothes on and has woken the entire, packed hostelry up in the process, including two Doberman Pinchers.

Meanwhile....a coach load of Hashers depart from the Theatre Royal in Edinburgh for the same location. Thankfully the luxury bus has a coffee machine and a lavatory - all that is necessary for a seven hour journey. No "stop the bus" every five miles; just a continual procession of hashers piling into the pit. Klingon partook in a solo naked bus tour of Edinburgh. No sleep. Six a.m. the bus arrives at Rendcolm College. But no welcome Party, where the hell do we go? At least we can have a coffee, and think about it. Ten cups later, the bus driver informs us that the water is a fortnight old and not to be used. One hour of going round in circles, we're back to where we first arrived, and decide to carry the gear from there. Out comes the baggage - only some of it has got a wee wee wet. At this point the bus driver informs us that the loo is only there for emergencies and not to be used to the extent that we were using it. Had we not noticed that it had been overflowing? Well all that overflow had seeped through to our luggage. Al Fresco was slightly upset at the state of her sleeping bag!!!!! A good start to the weekend: Moral - never ever travel by bus.

AH3 then set to work on putting together goodie bags for the 555. Pottsie (Teign Valley H3 hasher with orange wig and sixteen year old daughter who Olymprick was seen on top of) rallied the troops with his horn, and much interest was mustered in the run of the Weekend. AH3, identifiable by tartan dickies, and accompanied by about 200 others and Wild Local, set off on a trail laid by Little Shit and Drill Bit. Despite not knowing the area, the run was far superior to anything laid by C2H3 over the weekend. Sharnie and Hot & Delicious were jumped on by East Grinstead hashers. But only one shiggy puddle - note the disadvantages of living in a hot climate. (un)fortunately for the hares, free beer can about half way round, and half of the pack short cut back the beer tent lead by Olymprick. But those who followed missed out on the beer check at the pub - that-had-been-drank-dry the night before. Emergency beer supplies were obtained.

The hashland games were crap - the same events over and over again with slight variations. Klingon and Hot ‘n’ Delicious won the three legged race over the pole (excitement!!!!). Some harriette involved in a tug of war with the tractor, lost and ended up under the tractor. Someone else fell in the pool, and knocked their head in the process. Someone else managed to slide down the bank to the beer tent and skewer themselves on one of the marquee pegs at the bottom. And someone else had alcohol poisoning. Total hospitalised on the first day: 4.

Whilst some of us were partaking in the interesting games, half of AH3 were attending the G.M.'s meeting under the guise of GM with the Pygmy Hash House Harriers and the like (ie. Twin Peaks, AH3; Sharnie, ASS Hash; Olymprick, Haggis Hash House Harriers - Scotland's oldest hash; and Klingon, courtesy of no hash-who'd want him?). Despite a carefully worked out proposal for a joint Nash Hash venture between AH3 and East Grinstead, North Hants will be staging the event in '95. Reasons for this were: 1 / the stipulation that the AH3/EG3 venture be held on Xmas Day (not popular with the family hashers) and 2/because of Klingon's flatulence.

The band "Sax Appeal" were so good that Klingon decided to get a better look at the two blond sex players, by positioning himself at the edge of the stage for a good view (up their skirts). Julie was asked whether she would like to have a sugar daddy in the form of an RAF crab type. By midnight, the dickies began to droop and many of AH3 disappeared. The trio from the pub-that-had-been-drank-dry stayed for a sing song into the early (late?) hours. Wee Willy enjoyed his first night of freedom away from the wife's relatives.

Sunday morning and welcome to AH3 run number 556. The "white face blue bus - and orange lips" run began. The blue bus was the only bus that swung from side to side, and sprayed water from its windows. The hares looked a little anxious, obviously wondering why it was their run that Aberdeen and East Grinstead had decided to go on. They were even more worried when the map of their run went missing down Olymprick’s Y-fronts. Didn't make any difference - it was still a crap run. Shiggy was found in small quantities. Shame that amateurs have to join in though - Klingon threw stones in his, Best sticking to the water next time, as he did a better job of spraying everyone at the end of the run, including Robo, Hence, down downs went to Klingon, Olymprick (for being himself), and Wild Local (for being himself) - full of imagination these C2H3 hashers. Still, note that AH3 swept the boards again. The back window managed to remain attached to the bus, although Wild Local was last seen disappearing out of it. Apparently he returns co Aberdeen next week - it's always next week.

Guernsey Hash Christmas party was well attended thanks to more of the same hashland games. Twin Peaks, true to form, joined in the sing song, sitting on Father Christmas's lap, and lapped him up. Meanwhile pink dungarees went missing. Klingon wasn't at the Christmas party due to partaking in the wibbly wobbly with a concoction of hashers calling themselves Aberdeen. Actually, it was the in hash to say you belonged to over the weekend - only AberdeenH3 and C2H3 hashers would not admit to this. C2H3 said that they were not pleased with us as we had encroached on their runs with our 555- I think it was just because we did not pay then heaps of money like they wanted from Yorkshire for staging a run at their precious Nash Hash. I wonder if they will try and ban Aberdeen from their next weekend like they tried to do with East Grinstead this time??? We can only hope!

Hash cabaret was boring (where were the tartan tarts, or indeed a Scottish endeavour of some sort? No good moaning about having to sing patriotic songs if you don't do something about it!!!) The only tartan on show was Sharnie's tails, and the bedraggled dickies. Worm became very attached to one of the Guernsey boys pig heads, taking it with him everywhere, even to bed?? Still no sign of the pink dungarees, Twin Peaks? Wee Willie went to bed after leading the Hash Proms. The rest of AH3 stayed up to the early hours. Hash gossip has it that periodical spent the night in the tent of two AH3 harriettes, mentioning no names (other than Space Cadet and Julie).

AH3 run 557 began in the same location as the 556, but this time We were stranded by the bus and had to run back to the college. And we found shiggy, without Wild Local's help. Hot & Delicious was the victim of some amateur's throwing which ended up right in her eye. Some very nice C2H3 hashers helped her clean up, asking whether it was those "nasty East Grinstead boys" who had done it. Next time they saw her, she was being carted of into a mud bath by the very same "nasty East Grinstead boys". AH3, East Grinstead, and TNT tarts, dressed for GH3's 54321 slightly early, and ended up the most photographed hashers of the weekend. Anyone would think that these C2H3 hashers had never seen shiggy before? No, must be wrong as they were all wearing these T-shirts saying "I love shiggy". About half way through the run, Olymprick's plane departed from Manchester, without him. Wee Willy was the only AH3 hasher to remain clean throughout the weekend. Found a friend for Hash Drunk - Chichester Hasher who tells us that he runs with his aunt, uncle, grandparents, and pet dog, and is now going to teach them all about water and mud splashing.

Poolside line up to tease C2H3 as dirty hashers were strictly banned from swimming, or singing Father Abraham in the nice clean swimming pool. Mixed showers for everyone, apart from Olymprick who had been dragged away by Little Shit by this point, and would not have liked to have had to clean up afterwards. Boring down downs to C2H3 committee. More drinking of the watered down beer. And Wee Willie left at 2pm, at about the same time as the EH3 bus. I stayed until 5pm, and then took Worm to meet my father!!!

Just the type of boy to take to meet one's parents.

Shaky was there (must have had a boring week-end).

Many thanks to Aberdeen and East Grinstead for a superb week-end.


Those who ran:


Trevor ANCELL Little Shit

Alan BALOCK Rambo

? BARLOW Bonker

Ken BARROWMAN Huey McBlaaaugh

Michael BROWN





Steve CUDDY Hill-ary

Vince CULLING Hairy fairy

Alastair DICKSON Hash Drunk


Willie DUNBAR Wee Willie

Sharon GASCOIGNE Sharnie


Soraya GOODALL Martini

Billy HECTOR Mr Creasote


Barry HOOD Blade Runner

Andy JORDAN S.F.B. (Shit f' Brains)


Ron Lawley


Murdo McEWAN 80/-

Ian McROBBIE Whatdesay

Karen McROBBIE Fag End

Anne MURRAY Southern Comfort (Space Cadet)

Denise OWEN


Martin POSNETTE Posi


Stewart RITCHIE Fish fingers

Simon ROB

Stuart ROBINSON Vital Spark

Dave S

Les SALMON Ever Ready

Becky STEVENS Hot n Delicious

Dave STEVENS Bungee Finger

Neil SWINBECK Pathfinder

Greame THAIN Olymprick


Mike TRIPLETT Adonis

Terry WEIR Dog Biscuit




Eddie YARDE The Turkey

Arm (visitor)

Basililian Pound (Visitor)

Beardie (Visitor)

Bedroom (Visitor)

Big Foot (Visitor)

Big One (Visitor)

Blobalois (Visitor)

Borange (Visitor)

Carmen (Visitor)

Cretin (Visitor)

Daz (Visitor)

Deep Throat (Visitor)

Dippy (Visitor)

Dirty McSquirty (Visitor)

Dummy monk (Visitor)

Dyworld (Visitor)

Enema (Visitor)

Etsuval (Visitor)

Fetlock (Visitor)

Flo Jo (visitor)

Hashputin (Visitor)

Hobo (Visitor)

Hop hip (Visitor)

Jock (Visitor)

Kaffir (Visitor)

Kamakazi (Visitor)

Kermit (Visitor)

Miss (Visitor)

Monkey Glands (Visitor)

Mountie (Visitor)

Mr Spill (Visitor)

Muz (Visitor)

Pampers (Visitor)

Phallus (Visitor)

Pottsie (Visitor)

Quine (Visitor)

Rusty (Visitor)

Sample (Visitor)

Scheherazare (Visitor)

Shortie (Visitor)

Sirloin (Visitor)

Sister Sal (Visitor)

Snow White (Visitor)

Snowballs (Visitor)

Space locust (Visitor)

T Rub (Visitor)

The Barwise (Visitor)

Topcat (Visitor)

Twiggy (Visitor)

Walkabout (Visitor)


Yanubul (Visitor)

Zot (Visitor)

Zupado (Visitor)